A sales automation system does not need to be complicated and expensive. All your company need is an easy-to-use and practical solution that benefits everyone involved in the sales process. It should manage sales performance, automates the sales cycle and improve productivity.

Presenting SalesMAP – a proactive system that provides you the step-by-step assistance throughout the entire sales process, from leads generation to sales closure. With a centralized document library, every sales activities, documents and progress is tracked and can be easily managed. Never miss a sale opportunity again with SalesMAP.

3 Core Modules

SalesMAP was developed with three core modules that would work together to provide your business with the best sales workflow experience:

Business Modules

Manage, organize & monitor sales activities in real-time

Sales Workflow Module

Workflow engine that links all the modules together.

System Module

Settings, configurations and audit logs for Administrator & salespeople.

The Business Modules

Specifically designed to cover all sales levels – from business owner to sales manager and sales executive – it consists of nine highly customizable modules that provides easy to understand diagrams and charts to monitor sales performances.

Sales Order Module

Generate and export tailor-made sales orders to clients efficiently.

Quotes Module

Auto-generate and send quotation to client effectively.

Settings Module

Customize your own business view on the go.

Opportunities Module

Track and manage all opportunities so none are missed.

Contacts Module

Connect with clients via emails, keep business data updated and easily access sales contacts.

Project Management Module

Plan and supervise projects and allocate key milestones.

Calendar Module

Never miss a sales appointment with our time-responsive Quotes Module calendar!

Leads Module

Manage sales leads effectively .You can even email them on new promotions.

Products & Services Module

Oversee the entire product catalogue to ensure pricing accuracy.

The System Modules

Administer, set notifications, track meetings and due dates, and control email promotions quickly through the system modules.

Email Manager

Manage a centralized e-mail contacts for your entire company.

Event Log

Track your salesperson and salespeople activities in details.

User Administration Module

Assign user rights and user roles conveniently.

Customizable Settings

Customize business forms as templates for salespeople.

Notification Setting Module

Get notified promptly on upcoming events, payments or project milestones.


Benefits of SalesMAP

  • Manage and monitor sales activities easily
  • Extremely flexible and customizable
  • Single and multiple branch support
  • Understand client’s needs and buying patterns
  • Monitor sales performance and improves sales process
  • Detailed real-time reports and analytics
  • Compliance with local data sovereignty requirements
  • Choice of Local Public Cloud or On-Premise

Package Price

Highly configurable and easy to setup
Fully accessible on secured SSL
High-availability platform
No hardware or software required
No database and applications to administer
Low cost of ownership (OPEX model)
Secure data center environment (Tier 3+ certified)
SGD 950 Setup Fee
Setup Fee (without GST)
SGD 25 per user / month
Ability to fully customize
Additional modules available by development
Capable of integrating to existing systems
Local data sovereignty compliance
Ideal for businesses with in-house IT workforce
Supports SSL and secure Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Available in server appliance for easy deployment
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Features SalesMAP Product A Product B
Ability for Full Customization
Development of Additional Modules
Local Data Sovereignty Compliance
Public Cloud and On-Premise option
High speed local acccess
Local 24 x 7 Support & Training via 3 rd parties via 3 rd parties
PRICING COMPARISON SGD 25 per user / month USD 125 per user / month USD 65 per user / month

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