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Elevate your website’s visibility to the top 30 of major search engines with the help of RapidCloud Singapore. Through our results-driven RapidSEO services, we can boost up your lead generation, as well as guarantee long-term brand recognition to your website.

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The Power of SEO

Search engine optimisation which is most commonly known as SEO is a series of techniques, methodologies, and approaches to help you drive more traffic as well as improve the visibility of your site in search engine results page (SERP).

As simple as it may sounds like, SEO is a complex process which usually involves many factors, such as optimisation of content, website structure, Meta data, title tags, design, and series of off-page link building efforts. This is the reason why, it is necessary to entrust your brand to a digital marketing firm who knows the ins and outs of the industry, just like how we, at RapidCloud Singapore know it by heart.

How Can SEO Help Your Business?

The basic principle of SEO mainly focuses on providing the most relevant, accurate, and reliable results to users and customers online. This means the higher you rank, the more credible and trustworthy you are for the service, brand, and product you’re marketing. However, many of you might still be in doubts of what can SEO really do for you. To put these worries at rest, here are reasons why SEO is a must for your business.

Increases Web Traffic

Pages with properly implemented tags and fully optimised on-page structure can significantly increase the click-through-rates (CTR) or visits of your website.

It Is Cost-Effective

With SEO, targeting specific group of people or users for your products and services can be easily achieved by simply customising your site based on your needs and budget. In short, you are free to choose which approach is a tailor fit to your website.

Promotes Brand Recognition

SEO is one good way to promote your business to online community. It is because if your web pages are at the top searches, chances are people will likely associate your brand to keyword or service you’re targeting.

Brings Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

As compared to traditional type of marketing, SEO provides higher results and return on investment. Since this is a target-oriented method, you can easily identify the total number of consumers or if there are any users searching for the product you have. Once you’ve successfully determined all the details you need, you may now start with the optimisation and visits or traffic will start coming through. Visitors only translate to one thing that is sales conversion.


Whether you’re a local or international brand, SEO will make it possible to get through with far-reaching audiences. Since it is highly customisable, mapping out an SEO campaign based on your goals and specifications is a no-brainer.

Ensures Long-Term Effect

Once a website obtains position through a SEO campaign, it should stay there for long term as opposed to PPC (Pay Per Click). As mentioned earlier, SEO is cheaper and provides long-term solution than any other search engine marketing strategy.

Improves User Experience

Following the most basic optimisation requirement of a website can certainly increase the number of visits and lessen the bounce rate (or visitors who enter and immediately leave the page). Users will likely enjoy navigating a website with good layout, quality content, and fully implemented web structure.

Delivers Measurable Result

Another good point of SEO is it provides complete assessment about your site’s statistics, visitors, lead conversion rates, and all other factors that may affect the ranking and position of your site. Techniques and strategies may be in constant change due to updates on algorithm, but SEO will always work whatever the conditions are.

Website Analysis

Client Requirement

Keyword Research

Website Optimization

Link Building



RapidSEO Features SEO 6 Keywords SEO 10 Keywords
Contract Length (minimum) 12 months 12 months
SEO Plan Deliverables
Website Competitive Research and Analysis Basic Full Analysis Report
Number of Keywords optimized 6 10
Keywords Guaranteed 3 6
Optimization period (max) 15 weeks 20 weeks
Website Pages Optimized Up to 20 Pages All Pages
Website Review and Analysis
Brief summary of website's aims/purpose
Keyword research
Website audit & competitors analysis
Initial keyword rankings report
SEO Strategy
On Page Optimisation
Image / Alt tag optimisation
Meta tag creation & optimisation
Anchor Alt tag optimisation
Content Optimization
Anchor Alt tag optimisation
HTML sitemap creation and search engine submission
Contextual link building
Website URL structure optimisation
301/404 redirect management
XML Sitemap creation and submission
Google Analytics setup and monitoring
Blog set-up
Site performance analysis
RSS feed generation
Off Page Optimisation
Google / Yahoo / MSN Submissions
Local directory submission
Social bookmarking
Random Linking
Article Directories submissions
Slidesharing submissions
Pinging/ Alerting Search engines for new Content
Authority site backlinks
Google Penguin and Panda Proof
Web 2.0 properties profiling and network building
Reporting & Support
Search Engine Ranking Reports
Client Support
Google Webmaster Tools
Competitor Intelligence Report
Google Analytics / Traffic Status Report

What do we mean by Keywords?

Keywords are selected terms, words or phrases in your web content which are usually used as search strings in establishing your business and targeting your audiences online.

What do we mean by Guarantee?

This means that we offer guaranteed placement on search engines.