PotenCee is under Pascual Laboraties, Inc. which is focused on Vitamin C supplements with wide array of categories from regular to sugar-coated tablets.

The Results

  • The campaign started with less than 10,000 likes last 2015. Now it has more than 94,000 fan page likes.
  • Last year, full-blast campaign started on September until December. The result had an increase from 50,000 to 90,000 likes followed by an increase from 27,000 reach to 400,000.
  • There had been a raffle of KIA car and iPhones. Facebook Management focused on promoting it rather than increase fan page likes. As a result, the month of February gathered 540,000+ reach and participation of active fan page likers.
  • After that, every month, there had been an average of 300,000 reach and consistent increase in likes.