First Few Years

First Few Years Malaysia is a Singapore-based company specializing in imported, safe & reliable baby products & accessories.

First Few Years have been in the industry since 1989 which currently operates two shops in Singapore & one in Malaysia. Their products are imported mainly from USA, Australia, Europe and Canada.

The Challenge

The challenge that RapidCloud Singapore faced at the beginning of engagement with First Few Years was the absence of a focused keyword strategy. The absence of keyword strategy resulted in a very minimal visibility for highly competitive phrases like “baby store” and “baby shop Singapore” which rendered SEO elements such as page titles, meta-descriptions, meta-tags and internal links from blog posts ineffective.

On the technical side, RapidCloud team knew that improving search engine rankings would be especially difficult given the site-wide analysis indicates an out-dated and poorly structured website. The client’s site is out-dated rendering the site very slow compared with other competitors. Added to this is the way the website of the client was constructed which made it hard for search engines to crawl for content. Such concerns would in turn prevent the client’s site from ranking.

To address this, RapidCloud recommended the complete rebuilding the client’s site, using proprietary innovations made by RapidCloud that wouldn’t essentially need a lot of upfront investment.

The Brief

After discussions with the client, RapidCloud’s team began working on localised key terms to get them ranking in the top positions of Google for each of the client’s specific services and to dominate the client’s industry online in Singapore. Because of the client’s need to completely restructure their existing website, RapidCloud also lend technical advice on site strategy throughout the web development process.

The end goal for these initiatives is to drive traffic and increase traffic conversion to the site from organic results. Organic results pertains to the natural placement of a site on organic search engine results pages (SERPs). Finally, RapidCloud endeavours to fully optimise the client’s website.

The Solution

RapidCloud did a comprehensive review of the site architecture, wherein it was found out that there are several slip-ups hindering the performance of the online shop. Through the comprehensive review of the client’s site, RapidCloud recommended the need for a complete redevelopment of the client’s site of both the contents and the technical perspective of the site. Putting in place a redirection strategy ensures minimal loss of rankings and traffic during new site migration phase. An added benefit of the restructuring of the site is making the new website mobile friendly.

RapidCloud conducted a technical analysis of the site and prepared a revised site architecture plan associated with how user search for the products and brands the client’s site sells.

Working closely with the client and the client’s in-house developer; RapidCloud team supervised the re-structuring of the new website, advised on a search engine optimisation tactics and made a number of technical suggestions specific to the Magento Platform the client’s site operates on.


The Results

Hinged on getting the client’s brand in the forefront of potential customers who shop online, through site restructuring and site-wide search engine optimisation, RapidCloud was able to accomplish the following for an extremely happy First Few Years:

  • First page positions on Google for main target keywords.
  • Website Traffic increased by 220% after 2 months.
  • Rank about 800+ secondary keyword variations in 1st page.
  • 800% increase in organic search engine traffic from when they began working with RapidCloud.
  • The increased exposure online has aided business growth.