EMERGE is a leading web hosting solutions provider and manages over 42,000 corporate websites for clients ranging from small and medium enterprises (SME) to multi-nationals and government institutions since 1999.

The company’s vision is to provide innovative and features-rich ICT solutions for customers, empowering them to have a competitive edge in their respective industry. EMERGE has over twelve years of experience in providing web solutions; providing one-stop solution to meet their customer’s website requirements.

The Challenge

The client was suffering from Panda algorithm penalty and struggling to recover. The Panda penalty may have been due to the duplicate contents within the website. Webhosting.com.my was suffering and struggling to recuperate from related keywords, thus seriously affecting the traffic to their website. RapidCloud team believed that there has been some internal and cross site duplication that could have caused some of the issues which in turn caused the 90% sharp decrease in the average daily organic traffic.

The Brief

RapidCloud’s team began working to turn www.webhosting.com.my as the main core website for the group and regain the ranking of the website.

The end goal for these initiatives is to drive traffic and increase traffic conversion to the site from organic results and lift the Panda algorithmic penalty imposed by Google. Finally, RapidCloud endeavours to fully optimise the client’s website.

The Solution

RapidCloud’s SEO team initiated the campaign with an in-depth research and discovery phase. It is during this point that RapidCloud’s team begin to understand the client’s company and site, client’s marketplace, competitors, customers, current market position, keywords and phrases and the website’s condition.

Next was the launching of the command used in a Google query to find specific pages on the website and look for possible duplicate content. The SEO team from RapidCloud then redirected duplicated website to the core site and ensure it was a 310 redirection.

A technical onsite audit was completed, however due to website platform transitions, the recommendations were not implemented immediately. RapidCloud continued to work with to provide recommendations in phases for the current site.

The Results

As with other cases of websites with a Google Penalty, recovery for webhosting.com.my took some time but RapidCloud was able to have the Panda algorithm penalty lifted. Original rankings of the client were reinstated and organic traffic returned to pre-penalty levels.