Decorille Pte Ltd

Decorille Pte Ltd was established in 1983 and pioneered the Singapore Innovation BestView™ multi-functional system with fully Open mode window, door, and louver screens.

Decorille’s proprietary and self-made innovation was launched in 2002 and features window / door system incorporating Slide, Swing, fully Open or combine Slide & Open function at consumers’ convenience. The company’s specialty also includes the self-innovation BestView™ invisible Grilles which promises flexibility of use for improved lifestyle.

RapidCloud took the task of improving search engine ranking in Google for Decorille that would improve their business’ online presence and core audience while also tapping into a larger market and consumer.

The Challenge

Decorille Pte Ltd has an existing, relatively functional website when they came to RapidCloud Singapore for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Decorille’s site was not ranking well on Google and with this important information that Decorille has intimated, the company’s objective was very clear: to achieve top rankings on Google for their primary keywords.  All other ranking increases for Decorille’s site would be an added bonus.

Decorille’s site, in fact, was not performing well in search engines (more importantly on Google) and the website wasn’t ranking for a variety of search phrases including specific searches such sliding window, sliding door and window, aluminium doors, windows Singapore.

Another challenge for RapidCloud Singapore was the fact that Decorille’s site has timeworn and outdated content complicated by an almost non-existent on-site optimization.

The Objective

RapidCloud Singapore, in close coordination with Decorille Pte Ltd, operated along the following lines to achieve the company’s primary objective, which is to achieve top rankings on search engines, more so on Google:

  1. Improve search engine rankings in Google
  2. Increase enquiries/leads
  3. Improve onpage SEO
  4. To fully optimise the website.

The Solution

To carry out the client’s primary objective of achieving top rankings in search engines, with particular consideration on ranking in Google search, RapidCloud Singapore through conversations and consultations with Decorille embarked on the following:

1. Simplify complex on-site issues related to page structure, indexing and canonical URLs.
2. Do Off-page optimisation particular working to achieve local citations, guest submissions, PR, link building, foundational link submissions, and other related off-page works to increase online presence
3. Importantly, a continual SEO fine-tuning and monitoring of site performance relative to the benchmark done initial.

The Results

Decorille Pte Ltd is exceedingly satisfied with the results of the search engine optimization. Decorille has achieved top rankings for most important keywords (window Singapore, door and windows). Highlights of the result of the SEO done by RapidCloud Singapore are the following:

  1. Decorille now ranks first page for many of their main target keywords (eg ‘window singapore’, ‘door and windows’)
  2. Decorille now ranks for over 300 keywords, an increase of 2500% from the previous 12 keywords
  3. Online and offline enquiries for Decorille’s products and associated works more than tripled
  4. Recently, Decorille doubled its budget with RapidCloud to pursue other digital marketing strategies like SEM and SMM with great revenue potential.