A professional-looking website can be very expensive and difficult to maintain. With various different parties to deal with such as programmers and designers, it can be a very straining process. Even after you have developed a website, you then have to maintain, edit and update your content regularly. With all these issues this leaves very little time for you to focus on your business.

RapidCMS is a technology platform from RapidCloud Singapore that functions as a point of access to information in the World Wide Web. A portal presents information from diverse sources in a unified way that enables you to deploy a comprehensive website that caters for specific industry needs. It provides you a building platform with rich features that gives you the ability to generate a full-blown web portal for a strong online presence and assist in revenue generation in your business market. RapidCMS is modular, thus making the deployment of your web portal cost-effective, fast & efficient.

Features and Functions

  • Business Modules
  • User Friendly Content Editor
  • Instant Publishing of Website
  • Easy Page Management Capabilities
  • Page Sequencing Management
  • Meta Keywords Support
  • Show/Hide Page Function
  • Website Preview Capability
  • Admin and Multi-user rights access
  • Content Workflow approval
  • Efficient content rooting
  • Keyword Search

Benefits of RapidCMS

  • Providing companies with a single point of access to all its information, business systems and resources, which is designed in a structured layout.
  • Creates a platform for multiple users to develop applications easily.
  • Allows full customization and personalization of their portal, either through the information that is shown to different staff groups or filtering specific information that is displayed.
  • Can be integrated with other systems such as a corporate search engine, e-commerce system, customer relationship management system and many more.
  • Allows multiple users to access, search and retrieve information seamlessly.
  • Use your own designs.
  • No limitations in designs, RapidCMS and our team of professionals are prepared to meet your design criteria and expectations.
  • Use your own database.
  • Fully customizable based on your preference and needs.
  • No webmaster required.
  • Training & Support provided.